Tennessee offers inmates sentence reduction for vasectomies or birth control implants


In Tennessee, inmates can get up to a 30-day reduction in their jail time, if they agree to get a vasectomy or a birth control implant.  According to News Channel 5 report, a county in rural Tennessee started a program that offers inmates who get a vasectomy or implant a contraceptive device into their bodies with a reduced jail time.

The program has been called into question by the local district attorneys and the ACLU.  “Offering a so-called ‘choice’ between jail time and coerced contraception or sterilization is unconstitutional,” the civil rights organization said in a statement.

Since May 15, White County Jails have also been offering this option when General Sessions Judge Sam Benningfield signed an order offering those who agree to the conditions, up to 30 days cut off their sentence.  Currently, 32 women have received implants, and 38 men are awaiting their vasectomies to be done.


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