African American Girl in Middle School Called an Ape and Slave by Student


An African American Girl at Tippit Middle School in Georgetown was told by a fellow schoolmate she looked like an ape and also referred to her as a slave and pretended to whip her, according to a written report from the school.  And another student, a male, made racial remarks to the black student.

Robert Ranco, the father of the 12-year-old black student, said after the incident the school didn’t appropriately discipline the girl or the other student who was involved.  None of the students were suspended, said Ranco, who is a civil rights lawyer.

Mr. Ranco said the district didn’t even refer to the incidents as bullying.

According to the school’s report, Ranco’s daughter “was a victim of more than one incident of racially harassing conduct from classmates.”  And “all substantiated misbehavior by the involved students was addressed, and consequences were assessed in accordance with our Georgetown I.S.D Student Code of Conduct and with our campus restorative justice approach to discipline management.”  The school didn’t give details about how the students were disciplined, except that the school “provided additional re-teaching to students who engaged in inappropriate behaviors.”


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