Another Mistrial for Former Officer Raymond Tensing


White Cincinnati Officer Trial who killed unarmed black man results in Mistrial

A second mistrial was declared Friday in the case of a white Cincinnati Officer who killed an unarmed black man during a traffic stop.

A mistrial was called by Hamilton County Judge Leslie Ghiz after more than 30 hours of jury deliberations over five days.  The jurors said earlier Friday they were unable to reach a verdict in Officer Ray Tensing’s trial, but Ghiz had sent them back to try again on the counts of murder and voluntary manslaughter.

Some three hours later the jurors sent her back a note saying, “We are almost evenly split regarding our votes,” the note also said they didn’t foresee reaching a unanimous verdict.

Former Officer Raymond Tensing looked down, his hand over his face as the judge announced the mistrial over the death of 43-year-old Sam DuBose, who was shot in the head while driving away from the traffic stop on July 19, 2015.  Tensing and his family left quickly without comment.

Tensing’s first trial also ended in a mistrial after the jury deliberated 25 hours over four days in November without reaching a verdict.


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