Bernie Supporters Call for ‘Demexit’ After DNC Fraud Lawsuit Dismissed


Sanders voters rail against the Democratic ‘Establishment’ and saying they’re party

Source: Blackhurst

Ardent supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) lashed out at the Democratic Party establishment and threatened to bail on the party after a federal judge in Florida dismissed a class-action suit Friday alleging that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) illegally favored Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over Sanders.

The DNC’s treatment of Sanders, who switched his party affiliation to run in the 2016 Democratic primaries, came under scrutiny after the 2016 hack into the DNC’s servers revealed that key party officials favored the more traditional Clinton over the progressive Sanders. But on Friday, Ronald Reagan appointee Judge William Zloch dismissed what Sanders’ supporters referred to as the “DNC Fraud Lawsuit” in a 28-page decision.

“To the extent, plaintiffs wish to air their general grievances with the DNC or its candidate selection process, their redress is through the ballot box, the DNC’s internal workings, or their right of free speech — not through the judiciary,” Zloch wrote. “To the extent, plaintiffs have asserted specific causes of action grounded in specific factual allegations, it is this court’s emphatic duty to measure plaintiffs’ pleadings against existing legal standards.”

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