Best Buy Geek Squad Sued for Searching your Devices


Law Enforcement Agencies are bypassing your Fourth Amendment Right and Are Searching your private Devices when you send them to Best Buy via the Geek Squad for repair.

The FBI’s use of the Geek Squad has been called into question and is now being sued for Records about Best Buy Geek Squad Informants.  A lawsuit by Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a Freedom of Information Act against the FBI seeking records about the extent to which it directs and trains Best Buy employees to conduct warrantless searches of people’s devices.  EFF has expressed concern about how law informants have been using private actors, such as Best Buy Employees, to perform warrantless searches that the Fourth Amendment bars police from doing themselves.  A federal lawsuit in California revealed that the FBI has been working to cultivate informants in Best Buy’s National repair facility in Brooks, Kentucky, reportedly paying the Geek Squad as informants.


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