Bill Cosby told Steve Harvey to back off so he wouldn’t ruin rep


Source:  New York Daily News/Rachel Desantis

Steve Harvey may have banned his staff members from speaking to him in a widely circulated internal memo, but when it comes to his friends, he’s always down for a chat — even if one of those friends is Bill Cosby.

The “Family Feud” host admitted that he and Cosby haven’t spoken in several months, but that their relationship remains strong thanks to a foundation built off of Cosby showing him the ropes of the industry.

“When I’m your friend, I’m your friend,” Harvey told The Hollywood Reporter. “And Bill Cosby helped my sons at Morehouse (College), and he taught me how to do this business. He didn’t even know me and he taught me how to do this business.”

Harvey also revealed that he reached out to Cosby amid his battle against a slew of sexual assault allegations, and praised the comedian’s character after he urged him to back off so that he wouldn’t be dragged down with Cosby.

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