Boeing to lay off 200 workers where Trump Delivered job speech


According to CNNMoney, Boeing confirmed that it is cutting about 200 jobs at its plant in South Carolina. Previously the plant experienced sizable cutbacks in 2013 when Boeing scaled back contract workers.

In February Trump promised a crowd of assembly workers, managers, and executives that “jobs is one of the primary reasons I’m standing here tody as your President, and I will never, ever disappoint you.”

Boeing said the layoffs at the plant are part of a company-wide plan to cut jobs that it announced in December, citing fierce competition with rival Airbus and a drop in new orders.  Since earlier this year, the aerospace company has been reducing staff since the beginning of this year, primarily through buyouts and the attrition of executives, managers, and engineering staff.

Back in March, Boeing said it would cut jobs at its commercial jet factories in Washington State.  A source told CNNMoney at the time that those cuts involve less than 500 positions.  In the Washington state factories, Boeing employees are mostly unionized. However, the employees at the South Carolina plant are nonunionized.

Both rounds of job cuts come after Boeing offered buyouts earlier this year.  Unions reported that at least 1,800 Boeing employees took those voluntary offers.  The buyouts were also offered to some non-union workers—but Boeing would not say how many accepted.


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