Budget slashes for military families child care


Trump proposed budget had a $100 million  cut to child care and youth programs for military families.  The programs cut early education programs to children between the ages of 6weeks and 12 years of age, as well as after-school and summer enrichment activities for school age children.  Currently, 700,000 children of military service member receive such services.  The budget would defund these programs, despite requests for increased child care funding from advocates and military families.

Child care is especially important for military parents who face demanding jobs, long hours, and deployments as part of their work.  Military child care provides stability and structure for children, assisting them with forming attachments and developing a sense of trust.  Plus, parents pay on a sliding scale based on their incomes so that programs are affordable for all service members.

Trump promised to bolster support for military personnel and to improve the affordability of child care for all working families.  He has now reneged on both of these promises.


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