Californian’s are in an Uproar over Gas Tax Hike


California’s Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, raises the state’s gas tax by 12 cents a gallon and boosts the taxes on diesel fuel.  The bill also levies an annual fee on vehicles to pay for the road repair backlog exceeding $130B.  This is the largest gas tax increase in California’s history, without the vote of the people.

Reportedly the gas tax will generate more than $5B per year for road repairs and local transit projects, by increasing gas and diesel taxes, plus increasing vehicle registration fees.  The increase will hit the average driver almost $ 10 per month.

Several republicans have blasted the democrats who, supposedly were initially on the fence about the bill, but then “magically” changed their minds.  Their charge, nearly $1B in controversial side deals may have changed the key California lawmakers’ to get behind the tax.  Only one republican is reported to have voted in favor of the measure, state Senator Anthony Cannella, and for his vote, he received $500M in kickbacks for a commuter rail extension in his district.

Now an effort is underway to repeal California’s gas tax hike, via the ballot box, and to recall Democrats who voted for the gas hike.  Democratic State Senator Josh Newman voted in favor of the controversial bill and now citizens have signed signatures in favor of a recall.


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