Cannabis Use in France will no longer get Prison Terms


French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to reform laws on cannabis.  France will introduce a law by the end of the year that will end prison terms for marijuana use, although consuming the drug will remain a criminal offense, a government spokesman said.  Currently, drug offenders can face up to a year in jail plus a fine of up to 3,750 euros or $4,200.

“Last year, 180,000 people were found to be in violation of drug laws. On average these cases take up six hours of police time and the same amount for the presiding magistrate,” government spokesman Christophe Castaner said.  Castaner stressed that the new measures would not amount to the decriminalization of cannabis use, as consuming drugs remains serious and dangerous to health.   According to the French Observatory for Drug Use and Addiction, 17 million French citizens in 2014 have taken cannabis at some point in their lives, and 700, 000 use it daily.


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