Carrier Still moving 632 jobs to Mexico


Remember Carrier?  Carrier was the company President Trump pledged to keep on American soil, the company that he assured America there was a “100 percent chance” he would save the jobs at the heating and air-conditioning manufacturer.

Carrier informed the state of Indiana that it would be cutting 632 workers from an Indianapolis factory.  The company will move to Monterrey, Mexico, where the minimum wage is $3.90 per day.  This week the company has given official notice to Indiana officials that it would start laying off workers at the factory on July 20, and keep outsourcing jobs until only 800 jobs remain.

United Technologies, Carrier parent company, agreed to spare some of the positions in exchange for $7M in tax credits.  And if the company outsourced any of those jobs, over the next ten years it would have to pay back the money, according to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.


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