New Texas Law Clamps Down on Teacher Misconduct – Sent to Governor Abbott


Texas Lawmakers sent Senate Bill 7, legislation that would crack down on inappropriate relationships between educators and students, to Governor Greg Abbott.  The bill, approved Monday, received unanimous approval in both houses.

Alarmed by the reported cases of inappropriate relationships between students and teachers, Texas legislators decided to clamp down on the behavior.  Inappropriate educator-student relationships have grown 80 percent in the past eight years.  SB7 focuses on holding teachers accountable for their actions.

The new bill gives TEA more tools to follow and investigate cases so that the integrity of the teaching profession is protected, as well as facilitate the protection of students. The bill allows for the jailing of superintendents and principals for failing to report misconduct.  The bill permits the charging of teachers, regardless of where the student is enrolled, even if they are in a different district.  The revoking of teaching licenses for those who have to register as a sex offender, and those who receive deferred adjudication of guilt.  And principals not just superintendents would have to report misconduct to the TEA.  The House also banned pensions for teachers convicted of misconduct.


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