Corporate Media Cover-up of GOP HealthCare Bill


The rise of independent media has been out of necessity to keep the public at large informed of the issues at hand.

According to one of those sources and one media matter survey, they found that over a two-week period in early June, as the health care bill was being molded, major networks all but ignored the topic.

The Republican Senate radically overhauled Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act, but during the reported time frame, the media hardly covered the issue.  The sheer size of the ramifications of this bill dictated a ‘need to know.’  Over 23 million American stands to lose their healthcare insurance, and according to one study, 18,000 to 28,000 people will die as a result of the GOP bill by 2026.  But for weeks, while the public could have had some say as to what was in the bill by pressuring the Republicans for more transparency, major media sat by and did next to nothing.  Please don’t think this was by chance; this is not a coincidence.

The Media Matter Survey as the bill was molded in secret, in the two-week period; CBS didn’t cover the subject at all.  ABC gave the healthcare bill a “mere 40 seconds, and NBC news dedicated just less than 2.5 minutes out of roughly five hours of news.”

And according to the article newspapers didn’t fare much better.  Though most did report on the subject and the corresponding GOP cover-up, the story was largely buried.  During the same two-week period in early June, only two front pages from major newspapers featured the story, out of a total of 40.

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