Counterterrorism Tactics used at Dakota Access Pipeline against Water Protectors


According to The Intercept, an international mercenary and security firm known as Tiger Swan colluded with the police in opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline protestors with military-style counterterrorism measures.

Internal documents obtained by The Intercept reveal the collaboration between local police forces, the Pipeline Company, and defense contractors. The defense contractors currently helping to execute the global war on terror were hired by Energy Transfer Partners to spearhead “a multifaceted private security operation characterized by sweeping and invasive surveillance of protesters,” The Intercept reported.

“As policing continues to be militarized and state legislatures around the country pass laws criminalizing protest,” Brown, Parrish, and Speri write, “the fact that a private security firm retained by a Fortune 500 oil and gas company coordinated its efforts with local, state, and federal law enforcement to undermine the protest movement has profoundly anti-democratic implications.”

Since the election some 19 states have introduced various anti-protesting laws, to deter people from demonstrating. Plus the Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, who oversaw the police response to the water protectors, has been advising other law enforcement on how to deal the demonstrations and protests.

Included with the obtained documents, speak to communications between the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Justice Department, The Marshal Service, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, as well as the state and local police.


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