Cuts to SNAP and SSI will hit Whites Hard


According to an analysis conducted for The Atlantic, the blue collar white voters at the core of Trump’s voting base represent a majority of those receiving federal income-support programs; he has targeted for cutbacks.  In each of the five Rustbelt states, whites without a four-year degree are the majority of those receiving Social Security’s Supplemental Security Income Program, Social Security’s Disability program, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  (Rustbelt states:  Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) They also represent the majority of the beneficiaries in other heavily working-class states such as Kentucky, Arkansas, through Missouri and Montana.  Trump’s budget did, however, protect his older whites voters who are currently receiving Medicare and the principle Social Security retirement program.

And that is not all.  The analysis also found that whites without a college degree represented most of those who gained coverage under Obama Care (Affordable Care Act), and many of those will lose their healthcare coverage under Trump’s plan.

States where white households represented the majority of SNAP benefits:

  • Iowa                 69%
  • Ohio                 57%
  • Wisconsin      55%
  • Michigan        52%
  • Pennsylvania 50%
  • Virginia          85%
  • Maine             82%
  • Kentucky       74%
  • Montana        68%
  • Indiana          61%
  • Missouri        59%
  • Tennessee     56%
  • Arkansas       55%


States where white households represented the majority if SSI benefits:

  • Iowa                 70%
  • Ohio                 61%
  • Wisconsin      59%
  • Michigan        52%
  • Pennsylvania 52%
  • Virginia          87%
  • Kentucky        79%
  • Maine              76%
  • Indiana           60-65%
  • Missouri         60-65%
  • Montana         60-65%
  • Tennessee      60-65%

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