Dakota Access Pipeline Builder Responsible for Spill in Ohio


The company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline has damaged wetlands in Ohio and received a fine to the tune of $430,000 for damages.  Energy Transfer Partners, construction on an 80o-mile pipeline, leaked more than 2 million gallons of a massive spill into the wetlands in a rural Ohio.  The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) sent a letter to the pipeline operator ordering it to stop construction at the site of the spill as well as any new projects.  The company was also ordered to hire an independent contractor to find the area of fault.

ETP has denied any wrongdoings, and explained that the material spilled from the pipeline was a “mixture of naturally occurring bentonite clay and water and is safe for the environment.”  The company also reported that the cleanup was nearly complete.

The local EPA (Ohio) has also said that in addition to ETP spilling bentonite, the company engaged in open burning of construction debris and air pollution.


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