Demonstrators call for recall of Orleans Parish District Attorney


A demonstration organized in New Orleans called on voters to recall Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro and other prosecutors that used “fake subpoenas” to be punished.  The protest was organized by Our Revolution NOLA and featured a variety of speakers, both crime victims and those falsely convicted of crimes.

Flyers of the Demonstrators chanted “Can Cannizzaro” called for participants to “stop the DA from bullying victims” and demanded the investigation and sanctioning of “rogue prosecutors.”

When a report by The Lens revealed that the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office was issuing “fake subpoenas,” it sparked the protests.  In response to the report, the DA’s office said they would end the practice.

Michelle Hanks, the co-founder of Our Revolution NOLA, asked crowds to sign a petition seeking an investigation of Cannizzaro and Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick Jr.


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