DeVos Takes Criticism on School Choice


Betsy DeVos testified before a House Appropriations subcommittee to discuss the federal education budget proposal for the 2018 Fiscal year. This included proposed improvements to educational opportunities.  During the testimony, Democrats including New York Rep. Nita Lowey asked multiple questions about the education improvement plan and budget. She also accused DeVos of taking money from public schools to fund school choice. Democrats also asked DeVos on discrimination against particular populations. Specifically on schools that accept publicly funded vouchers that discriminated against African American and LGBT students. Specifically, Rep. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts asked about a school in Bloomington, Indiana that receives $665,000 in state vouchers and denies admission to children of LGBT parents.  DeVos faced an onslaught of criticism around the role of the federal government when school choice programs discriminate.  DeVos did not answer the question and deflected much of the skepticism she received and pushed the administration’s support of school choice. DeVos stated, I believe states should continue to have flexibility in putting together programs.” DeVos did not say if The Federal Government would intervene or if the school would lose federal funding.


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