DOJ Demands 1.3 Million IP Addresses, Info, and Photos of People Who Visited Anti-Trump Website


The DOJ is demanding the IP addresses, contact information, email content and even photos of the individuals who simply visited an “anti-Trump” website.

Source:  The Free Thought Project/Rachel Blevins

While the United States government has pushed for increasing mass surveillance over the years, the latest requests from the Department of Justice could set the Trump Administration apart from its predecessors as it demands the IP addresses of at least 1.3 million people who visited an anti-Trump website.

In a blog post published by the web hosting provider DreamHost, it confirmed that it has been working with the DOJ for several months “to comply with legal process, including a Search Warrant (PDF) seeking information about one of our customers’ websites,” and it is now attempting to challenge the request, in order to ensure users’ privacy.

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The website in question is, which DreamHost described as “a website that organized participants of political protests against the current United States administration.” Although the host claims to have “no insight into the affidavit for the search warrant” because the records are sealed, it noted that the DOJ has recently asked DreamHost to provide all information available to us about this website, its owner, and, more importantly, its visitors.”

DreamHost noted that in addition to the 1.3 million visitor IP addresses, the DOJ’s demands include “contact information, email content, and photos of thousands of people—in an effort to determine who simply visited the website.”

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