FaceBook Knows What People Are Doing on Their Phone Even If They Don’t Use The Social Network


The information is being used to help the company beat its rivals.

Source:  Independent/Aatif Sulleyman

Facebook knows what millions of people do on their phones, even if they don’t actually use the social network, a new report claims.

The company is claimed to have been using data gathered from another firm for detailed insights on people’s app and website usage habits, such as which apps they use, how frequently they use them and even how long they use them for.

This information has also been used to shape Facebook’s product roadmap and led to it buying WhatsApp and continuing to rip Snapchat’s Stories feature.

It’s so precise that it allowed Facebook keep tabs on how many Snapchat posts users sent each day, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The setup essentially helps Facebook quickly work out which apps and websites it is competing with for screen time, and makes it a lot easier for the company to target and beat them.

We’ve asked Facebook for a comment and will update this article if the company issues one.

It has been getting the data from Onavo Protect, a free VPN app that claims to help “keep you and your data safe when you go online”, which was created by a company Facebook bought in 2013.


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