Facebook made $188,000 per employee last quarter, four times as much as Google


Both make way more than companies outside Silicon Valley.

Source:  recode/Rani Molla

Silicon Valley companies are more efficient at making money than traditional industries, as evidenced by net income and revenue per employee in their latest quarterly filings.

Facebook, which employed 20,658 people this past quarter — a 43 percent increase over the same period last year — made the most profit per employee out of the companies we measured*: $188,498 per employee in the three months ending in June on revenue of nearly a half million per employee.

Facebook beats out Google parent company Alphabet by more than four times the profit per employee. Alphabet made $46,610 per employee in the second quarter.

And the social network is getting even more efficient at making money. In Q2 last year, Facebook profited $157,503 per employee. Note that Facebook employs numerous contract workers who don’t contribute to the employee count.


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