Here’s Where Massive Alt-Right Rallies Are Planned Across the Country This Weekend


Sources:  The Organic Prepper

(Updated) Just in case the horrifying events in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend weren’t enough of a warning about the dangers of political extremism, it looks like we’re gearing up for an idealogic civil war across the country, complete with violence and death. This weekend, massive Alt-Right rallies are scheduled across the nation and we can be guaranteed they’ll be met with counter-rallies.

If you called out the people rioting after Trump was elected, or the people rioting after police shootings, you should just as forcefully denounce the people rioting in Charlottesville, where a woman died in the violence. None of this is okay. It’s not “taking sides” to denounce groups like the KKK or white supremacists. It’s being a rational human being who isn’t a hypocrite. What occurred in all of these events is beyond justification.

I said then that violence and vandalism in the name of political dissent was wrong. I stand by the same opinion now.

This weekend, more Alt-Right rallies are scheduled across the nation.

Here’s where the rallies will be held.

After the rage was stoked last weekend, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict that things will get ugly.

The first of the batch will be protesting Google’s firing of James Damore for his criticism of their diversity policy. The March on Google is to protest “anti-white-male diversity policies.” These will be held in:




Los Angeles

Mountain View, California

New York



Washington, D.C.


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