Hillary Clinton used Black Prison Labor’ during term as First Lady of Arkansas

Image Hillary Clinton-The Centrist Report

On June 6 Jeanette Jing, an activist with over 33,000 twitter followers who supports Senator Bernie Sanders shared two pages out of Clinton’s book It Takes A Village, in which Clinton reminisces about black prisoners who worked in the Arkansas governor’s mansion.

“When we moved in, I was told that using prison labor at the governor’s mansion was a longstanding tradition, which kept down costs,” Clinton writes. She adds that most of the workers were convicted murderers and she became friendly with “a few of them, African-American men in their thirties who had already served 12 to 18 years of their sentences.”

Despite Clinton’s alleged friendship with the prisoners, Clinton informs her readers, “We enforced rules strictly and sent back to prison any inmate who broke a rule.”   There is no mention of any payment for the work the prisoners did.  In 2016 Mother Jones reported that when it comes to prison labor, “some states, such, including Texas, Arkansas, and Georgia do not pay inmates at all.”  On Twitter Jeanette Jing  wrote, “Hillary Clinton was a direct participant in what @samswey correctly described as modern slavery.”

Jing refers to Samuel Sinyangwe an activist, data scientist, and policy analyst.  Sinyangwe talks about his experience of visiting the Louisana state legislature and finding black prisoners serving the lawmakers for free.

In response to Jing’s tweets, Clinton Supporters say she would still have been a better choice for president than Donald Trump.  On Twitter, Sinyangwe concludes:  “2016 was a choice between a white woman benefitting from black prison labor and a white man campaigning on sending black people to prison.”


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