House Fails to Pass Bill Extending VA Choice Program


Source: Sisk

The Trump administration and House Republicans suffered a stunning setback Monday night in the failure of a floor vote on a controversial bill to extend the VA’s Choice program allowing veterans to choose private health care.

The vote on the House floor was 219-186 in favor, but the emergency funding bill still failed under the two-thirds majority vote required under the rules that brought the legislation to the floor.

The failure to pass the bill left the future of the Choice program in doubt. Funding for the program was expected to run out in mid-August and House Republicans had counted on moving the bill to the Senate for quick passage this week before going on August recess.

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Earlier, Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee and the main sponsor of the bill, said “We know that veteran demand for care through Choice has never been higher and consequently the remaining money in the veterans Choice program will run out in mid-August, a few short weeks from now,” he said.

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