The KKK is coming to Charlottesville Virginia Soon


On Monday, the city officials of Charlottesville said the Loyal White Knights of the KKK had applied to hold a rally near the statue (removed Robert E. Lee) on July 8.  A city spokesperson said the permit would likely be approved.

The town, which is home to the famous University of Virginia, is already on edge.  In addition to the KKK rally coming to town, a right-wing group known as Unity and Security for America has also applied for a permit to host a gathering on August 12.  The applications were filed on May 24 and 30 and were first reported by the Daily Progress.

Jason Kessler is the leader for the Unity and Security for America group.  Kessler, a local blogger, was recently fired by conservative website the Daily Caller for his support for a white supremacist group.

The city had a contentious City Council meeting, in which the crowd chanted, “F…K White Supremacy.”  Kessler, who applied for his groups permit, attended the Council meeting and was jeered by those in attendance.


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