Militia Members were Helping the Cops in Portland Alt-Right Rally

The Centrist Report

According to The Intercept, at an alt-right rally in Portland, Oregon last weekend, fourteen people were arrested.  Following the death of the two men and the wounding of another, top Republicans wanted to use militia groups as security.

Well, guess what?  They did just that!

Todd Kelsay helped in the arrests over the weekend.  He is seen in videos and photographs posted online and seen in Twitter videos.  In one of the online videos, Kelsay appears to be helping three officers in cuffing a suspect.

Who is Todd Kelsay?  He is a member of a right-wing Militia American Freedom Keepers.  Kelsay was at the free speech rally, organized by alt-right activists.

In the videos and pictures, you can see The Department of Homeland Security Federal Protective Service officers wearing dark blue helmets and flak jackets with “POLICE DHS” patched across the front.  Kelsay had on a desert camouflage helmet and ballistic vest over a black tee shirt and jeans.

It appears the police are getting help from the far-right, in the rallies and counter-protests.  Reportedly Kelsey was not the only militia member that was helping with arrests at the rally, there were others as well.


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