Nestlé Stealing World’s Water and Causing Droughts

the centrist report

Nestlé is draining California aquifers.  In Sacramento alone they take 80 million gallons annually, then they sell the water back to the people they took it from at a huge profit under dozens of famous brand names.  But here is the worst of it; the Mega Corporation has been extracting this water with a permit that expired over two decades ago.

According to countercurrent news, this behavior has only been allowed with help from the government.  However, people are growing angry and tired of the behavior which is ultimately costing them massive amounts of money.  And here is the worst part of this story; Nestlé has single handily caused a drought!

The city of Sacramento is in a record drought that has lasted for several years, yet the multibillion-dollar Nestlé Corporation continues to bottle public city water and then sell it back to the people at a huge profit.

A pending lawsuit claims that the corporation is draining up to 80 million gallons of water each year from Sacramento aquifers, during the drought, and without a valid permit.  “Nestle pays 65 cents for each 470 gallons it pumps out of the ground the same rate as the average residential water user.  But the company can turn the area’s water around, and sell it back to Sacramento at mammoth profits,” the coalition said, no record.

Nestlé is currently the number one supplier of the world’s bottled water (and thief of natural water reserves), including popular brands like Perrier, San Pellegrino, Pure Life, Ice Mountain, Zephyrhills, Poland Spring, and Deer Park among other.


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