No convictions for right-wing Bundy supporters in 2014 Nevada standoff


Source:  Daily News/Christopher Brennan

Anti-government protesters who wielded assault-style weapons in a standoff against federal agents in Nevada have avoided any convictions.

Ricky Lovelien and Steve Stewart, from Montana and Idaho, were acquitted of all charges including assault on a federal officer, extortion and using a firearm in a violent crime in Bunkerville, a small town northeast of Las Vegas near the ranch of Cliven Bundy.

Scott Drexler and Eric Parker, also from Idaho, were also acquitted of most charges, though the jury did not agree on some unidentified counts, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Bundy gained national attention for the 2014 armed standoff against the Federal Bureau of Land Management, which came after a years-long dispute over his use of federal land for his cattle.



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