Noose found in a Construction site in DC, this makes the Fifth


Another noose was found in Washington D.C. this time at a house under construction in the southeast part of the city.  This is the fifth time this symbol of racial violence has turned up in Washington recently.  According to police officers, they went to a house under construction on Thursday morning and “discovered a rope, tied in a noose, displayed by the front door,” a police report said.

The property manager reported the noose was not present when work ended the previous day.

Two noosewere found recently at the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.  One was found last Wednesday in the history gallery, and a security officer found another one on a tree on the museum grounds May 26.

In May, bananas hanging from nooses were found around American University campus.  At the University of Maryland, a noose was left in the fraternity house of Phi Kappa Tau in April.


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