‘Not Guilty’ Ramad Chatman serving 6 years


Ramada Chatman was found not guilty of armed robbery, but will still serve up to seven years behind bars after a judge ruled he had violated the rules of his probation for another crime.

When Ramad Chatman discovered he was wanted as a suspect in an armed robbery at a convenience store in Georgia, he turned himself in.  His grandmother Janice Chatman told US news channel 11Alive, “He turned himself in because he knew he was not guilty.”  He was already on probation for another offense and serving year probation, breaking and entering an apartment to steal a television worth $120.

The judge decided it was likely he did commit the robbery as a result; Chatman was resentenced for the original crime of stealing and the TV and ordered to serve 10-years behind bars.  Court documents showed he did not violate his probation, including checking in, paying restitution and finishing his community service.  Chatman was also holding down a job.

When the armed robbery trial went to court, he was found not guilty.

So despite the fact police never recovered the weapon, stolen, money or any other evidence connecting him to the robbery, he declined to release Mr. Chatman, who is still in prison for violating the terms of his probation.

Chatman’s grandmother said, “He made sure he did right on his probation.  He never violated it.”


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