Police Handcuff 7-year-old Special Needs Boy


A Parent of a 7year old boy found out her special needs son had been taken from school to a mental health facility without her knowledge and kept for a week.

According to April Obis, her son is special needs and has attention-deficit/hyperactivity/mood disorder which resulted in her son have disruptive behavior at school. When her son was removed from class, he was allegedly banging his head against a wall. Typically, the mother reported, she would have been called plus the school counselor would have been available to assist her son. However on the day in question, the counselor was not available, and while the mother was on her way to the school, the police got involved.

The police handcuffed the 7-year-old, and reportedly tased him in the back, and hit his legs with the baton. The child was then transported by police to a behavioral hospital in DeSoto, Texas.


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