Police Targeting Blacks that move to the Suburbs


Majority white cities and towns are seeing an influx of black and brown residents fleeing concrete jungles, and the rising costs of living, in favor of better opportunities, and more affordable living.  However, once the residents move into those towns, they are finding out they are unwelcome, in particular by the local police.  While these areas have changed over time, with the influx of diverse faces, the police forces have not changed.

This is especially true of places like Troy, New York.  Since 2000 to 2010 the number of black residents in Troy grew by 46%. However, the police force remains 95% white.

This common phenomenon is known as “white flight,” only now people of color are moving away from Urban Areas.  The problem with this scenario is that there aren’t’ very many places white’s can go to get away from the diversity.  So now they are looking to the police to protect them and their property from their new neighbors, and the police have picked up on their attitudes.

Currently, in Troy Black residents report police harassment and racial profiling is an everyday part of their lives.  And though the black population is just 16% of the population they made up 39% of those arrested in 2010, then 51% in 2016, according to BuzzFeed.  In 2016 90% of minors arrested for marijuana possession were black.  Over the last six years, approximately seven black residents have been acquitted of resisting arrest and then paid by the city over police brutality.


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