Representative Adrian Smith refuses to say Whether Americans are entitled to eat


Representative Adrian Smith (R-Neb.) in an interview with NPR’s Scott Simon refused to say whether “every American is entitled to eat.”  Scott Simon questioned Smith about the farm bill and Trump’s proposed cuts to SNAP, formerly known as food stamps.  In the President’s Budget, the White House is seeking $193B in cuts over ten years, a disastrous amount, equal to more than one-quarter of the program’s cost.

Simon asked Smith, “Let me ask you this bluntly: Is every American entitled to eat?”  Representative Smith refused to answer the question, even as Simon continued to pressure him to answer.  Approximately 43M low-income Americans receive SNAP; it is the “hunger safety net” for Americans in poverty or out of work.  According to the Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney, the cuts are an effort to get more people back to work.


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