RoseBuds in Chicago-Refused to Hire Blacks

Image of Rosebuds

Rosebud Restaurants in Chicago has to pay $1.9M and furnish other relief to settle a class race discrimination lawsuit filed by the EEOC.

According to the lawsuit, Rosebud operates 13 Italian restaurants operating in Chicago, and the surrounding suburbs refuse to hire Black people because of their race.  The EEOC also charges that managers, including the owner of Rosebud-Alex Dana, used racial slurs to refer to Blacks.

When the EEOC began investigating the restaurant, they had no black employees at all.  The EEOC also asserted that the Restaurant violated federal regulations by failing to maintain employment applications for one year and by failing to file employer information reports.

The Judge ordered Rosebud to pay $1.9M to African-American applicants who were denied jobs.  And Rosebud has agreed to hiring goals for qualified black candidates, with the aim that 11% of the restaurant’s workforce be black.  Additionally, it requires that Rosebud not engages in race discrimination or retaliation in the future.  Finally, Rosebud’s must train employees and managers about race discrimination and retaliation, provide periodic reports to EEOC on compliance with the decree’s terms for four years and post notices informing employees of the order’s terms.


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