Shocking New Study Shows that Nearly 1/4th of Fired Cops Get Their Jobs Back


A recent study found that nearly 1/4 of the police officers who are fired, are later rehired, and only half of those cases have been disclosed to the public.

Source:  The Free Thought Project/Rachel Blevins

While individual reports have told the story of the ongoing trend of police officers returning to work after demonstrating gross misconduct, a new study gives insight into the number of police officers who are fired, and then later rehired—and it revealed that nearly one-fourth of fired officers in the United States end up getting their jobs back.

report from the Washington Post looked at the cases of 1,881 officers who have been fired from major police departments across the country since 2006, and found that 451 of the officers had later been reinstated. They received their guns and badges and returned to the street once again—not because the reason they were fired was not legitimate, but because their offices made procedural mistakes when firing them.

“A San Antonio police officer caught on a dash cam challenging a handcuffed man to fight him for the chance to be released was reinstated in February. In the District, an officer convicted of sexually abusing a young woman in his patrol car was ordered returned to the force in 2015. And in Boston, an officer was returned to work in 2012 despite being accused of lying, drunkenness and driving a suspected gunman from the scene of a nightclub killing.”

Police unions were created to protect officers’ jobs, but as shown by the report, there are a number of cases in which the jobs are being protected, even when the officers should not be out on the streets.

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