How the Nazis Used Jim Crow Laws as the Model for Their Race Laws

Bill Moyers in conversation with author James Whitman about his new book “Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law Source:  Moyers & Company/Bill Moyers To get to the core of race in America today, read this new book by James Whitman. Whitman is the Ford Foundation Professor of Comparative and Foreign Read more »

The military, minorities and social engineering: A long history

Source:  The Conversation/Richard S. Slotkin On August 25 President Trump signed a directive reinstating a previous ban on transgender persons serving in the U.S. military, thereby continuing the perennial debate about the relationship between military service and social policy. In an interview with the BBC after the president tweeted his intention to reverse Obama policy, then Read more »

African American troops twice as likely as whites to be punished by commanders

According to USA Today, and a study was done by Protect our Defenders, and advocacy organization for victims of sexual assault and military justice, black troops, are far more likely than white troops to face court martials or other forms of military punishment.  In fact, black service members were two times more likely than white Read more »

Alabama Law makes it Illegal to Remove Confederate Monuments

At a time when other states are taking down their Confederate monuments, the Alabama government has decided to preserve theirs. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a new bill on Wednesday, protecting the Confederate monuments in the state.  The Alabama memorial preservation act of 2017 prohibits the removing or renaming of any memorial streets or buildings Read more »

Ferguson Activist-Protester Edward Crawford, Dead

St. Louis’s, Edward Crawford, the subject of the of the Pulitzer Prize winning photo, during the Ferguson Riots has been found dead.  Crawford was photographed throwing a tear gas canister, following the shooting of Michael Brown.  His death was confirmed by the St. Louis Office of the Medical Examiner, shortly before midnight on Thursday in Read more »

Judge Rules Texas Discriminated Against Minority Voters

A federal judge ruled that the State of Texas intentionally discriminated against African American and Hispanic voters by passing strict voter identification laws.  Senate Bill 14 passed to disenfranchise voters, is claimed to have been passed to prevent voter fraud.  Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos found that the state lawmakers intentionally engaged in illegal discrimination effect Read more »

DOJ may Reopen Emmett Till Murder Case

The Department of Justice may reopen its investigation into the 1955 killing of Emmett Till.  Till’s killers were never convicted.  Carolyn Bryant Donham had admitted she lied when she testified that Emmet whistled at her, and touched her.  The 14-year-old boy was savagely beaten and shot in the head by Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam.

Namibia’s Case against German Genocide

The 20th century’s first genocide was perpetrated on the Namibia people by the Germans.  Tens of thousands died at the hand of German soldiers after they took the land and cattle from the indigenous people.  During German rule in Namibia, the colonizers studying eugenics tried to exterminate the Herero and Nama, putting some of them Read more »

António Guterres visits Somalia-to appeal for aid

António Guterres’s, the new leader of the United Nations visited Somalia on Tuesday, to appeal for aid at a time of this historical humanitarian crisis.  Currently, the South Sudan has declared a famine, and three other Countries:  Somalia, Yemen, and Nigeria are on the edge of similar disasters. “Conflict, drought, disease-the combination is a nightmare,” Read more »

Chicago Police Federal Probe

Police Cruiser in Chicago. Chicago Police Car. Transportation and Public Safety Collection.

One week before the end of President Obama’s Administration, The Department of Justice headed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch concluded a 13-month federal probe into the Chicago Police Department. The DOJ began investigating the CPD in December of 2015, after the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald, and the subsequent uproar that ensued.  Because of protests Read more »