Richard Spencer Compares White Nationalism to Zionism

Source:  American Herald Harveston Adolf Hitler was a famously provocative orator. Being the centerpiece of a movement for values that defy human nature takes charisma. Despite their nature, even neo-fascists and white supremacists need to convince themselves that what they’re doing is OK. An effective leader can make the most heinous idea seem rational, Read more »

Antidepressants found in fish brains in Great Lakes region

Source:  PHYS.ORG/Charlotte Hsu Human antidepressants are building up in the brains of bass, walleye and several other fish common to the Great Lakes region, scientists say. In a new study, researchers detected high concentrations of these drugs and their metabolized remnants in the brain tissue of 10 fish species found in the Niagara River. This vital conduit connects two Read more »

‘Miracle’ weed killer that was supposed to save farms is killing them instead

Controversial herbicide dicamba found to poison crops as well as pigweed chemical was intended to root out Source:  independent/Caitlin Dewey Clay Mayes slams on the brakes of his Chevy Silverado and jumps out with the engine running, yelling at a dogwood by the side of the dirt road as if it said something insulting. Its leaves curl Read more »

Media Silent as Saudi Arabia Does to Itself What Assad Was Accused of Doing in Syria

Source:  AntiMedia/ Darius Shahtahmasebi The Western world was outraged when Syrian troops allegedly opened fire on anti-regime protesters in 2011, aggression that arguably provided the ignition to kick start the years-long Syrian conflict. To some extent, the world also watched in horror as the Syrian and Russian militaries pounded Aleppo into the ground last year while the media routinely Read more »

The century gap: Low economic mobility for black men, 150 years after the Civil War

Source: Brookings/Richard V. Reeves and Edward Rodrigue The legacy of American racism is dominating the headlines again. One of the arguments used against the removal or relocation of Confederate symbols is that “it is simply part of our history”. This is not the case. The results of the enslavement, disenfranchisement, and exclusion of black Americans Read more »

As Yemen Cholera Cases Reach 500,000, US and UK Condemned for Complicity

The epidemic is a “man-made disaster driven by national and international politics,” said Oxfam’s Katy Wright Source:  Common Dreams/Jake Johnson   The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday announced that the number of cholera cases in Yemen had reached 500,000. The WHO also noted that around 5,000 people are being infected with cholera daily, “and nearly 2,000 people Read more »

Philippines President Brags About Killing 32 People in One Night

Source:  AntiMedia/Darius Shahtahmasebi This week, police in the Philippines killed 32 people in one night in a series of drug raids near Manila, the Guardian reported. The recent spate of deaths between Monday and Tuesday came only hours before President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to kill human rights groups that get in the way of his brutal war on drugs. Read more »

Charlottesville Was Not a “Protest Turned Violent,” It Was a Planned Race Riot

Isn’t it time for the media to be honest and call white supremacists the domestic terrorists that they are? Source:  Yes Magazine/Zenobia Jeffries In July of last year, after The New York Post ran the headline, “CIVIL WAR: Four cops killed at anti-police protest,” I wrote the column “How We Report on Structural Racism Can Hurt Us—Or Read more »

Blackwater Founder’s Disturbing Plan To Privatize Afghanistan War Gains Ground

Source: Johnson As President Donald Trump vents his frustration with the United States’ “losing” strategy in Afghanistan, the “notorious mercenary” and Blackwater founder Erik Prince has seized the moment to offer his favored alternative: privatize the war. According to a report by Katrina Manson of the Financial Times on Monday, Prince has drafted a proposal—dated August 2017—that would hand the longest war Read more »

Netanyahu alarms Palestinians with talk of land swap

After Al-Aqsa attack, Israeli PM suggests he backs controversial far-right proposal to strip citizenship rights, redraw border Source:  Middle East Eye/Jonathan Cook Umm al-Fahm, Palestine – Israel’s crackdown on access to Al-Aqsa Mosque compound after two Israeli policemen were killed there last month provoked an eruption of fury among Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem and rocked Israel’s Read more »