War On Cash Backfires On India’s Economy

Source:  ActivistPost/Clint Siegner Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a surprise attack on cash in late 2016. He gave Indians a few days to convert the two largest denomination bills then circulating to bank deposits, after which point any undeposited notes would become worthless. The move was intensely controversial. Transactions completed using cash represented the Read more »

Indians protest attacks on Muslims over ‘Cow Vigilantes’

Thousands of people in have turned out in protests across India against a wave of attacks on Muslims by mobs that accuse them of killing cows or eating beef.  The demonstrators were waving “Not in My Name” banners and “Stop Cow Terrorism” signs, braved monsoon rains in at least ten cities including New Delhi. Many Read more »

Life Imprisonment in India for Killing Cows

The GUJARAT government in India Amended the State’s Animal Preservation Bill to make killing a cow punishable by a minimum sentence of 10 years to life in prison.  An earlier law, for cow slaughter, was punishable by 3 to 7 years.  In addition to the new harsh sentences, the bill provisions also include vehicle forfeiture Read more »