Israel’s Giving ISIS An Air Force

Source:  American Herald Tribune An aspect of the conflict in Syria that has not received the attention it undoubtedly deserves, has been the role of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) in acting as the de facto air force of Daesh [ISIS] and sundry other Salafi-jihadi and rebel groups fighting in the country. Evidence of the Read more »

Palestinian Prisoners-Hunger Strikers cut off from Communication

Palestinian prisoners enter day 16 in their hunger strike.  Israeli authorities are said to be obstructing negotiations and impeding all communication from the strikers to the outside world.  As many as 1,600 Palestinians are refusing food, in protest of the ill treatment they are receiving in the Israeli prisons, including medical neglect and the reduction Read more »

Israel to receive estimated $440 million in arms

The United States has approved a proposal to sell more weapons to Israel, including naval guns and technical support worth an estimated $440 million.  The State Department agreed to allow the possible sale of 13 76mm naval guns to Tel Aviv.  The Pentagon agency said it had notified Congress of the State Department’s decision.  “The Read more »

Israel-Detained 1 Million Palestinians since 1948

Since the establishment of Israel in 1948, Israeli authorities have detained approximately one million Palestinians.  From 1948 until present there have been many Palestinian uprisings, and after each revolt is quelled more and, more Palestinians are imprisoned.  During the first uprising in 1987, the Palestinians held mostly nonviolent acts of civil disobedience.  In 2000, after Read more »