Sessions Helped Fill Alabama’s Overcrowded Prisons—Now He’s in Charge of Investigating Them

Source:  Rewire/Sofia Resnick August 30, 2017 Believing what the state needs is serious prison reform, some are skeptical of how deep this Department of Justice’s investigation will delve, and what reforms it will (or won’t) recommend. After three years and five dead plaintiffs, an Alabama federal court recently found that the state has been subjecting Read more »

Feds’ Secret Meetings in Colorado on Cannabis Policy May Foreshadow Federal Crackdown

Source:  Merry Jane/Mike Adams Secret meetings taking place this week in Colorado involving some of the federal government’s leading agencies against the drug culture could be an indication that it is just now just a matter of time before U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions launches a full blown attack against the legal cannabis trade. According Read more »

Trump DOJ Prepares to CrackDown on Marijuana Users and Growers

Source: The Hill/Lydia Wheeler The Trump administration is readying for a crackdown on marijuana users under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. President Trump’s Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, led by Sessions, is expected to release a report next week that criminal justice reform advocates fear will link marijuana to violent crime and recommend tougher Read more »

Sessions wants Congress not to renew Federal Marijuana Protections

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions is asking Congressional leaders not to renew a current federal law that prevents the DOJ from spending money to interfere with state medical Marijuana laws. The law he is speaking of is known as the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment.  This allows states to continue crafting their medical marijuana policies without the Read more »