‘Stop! I’ve done nothing wrong’: Nurse shares police video of ‘crazy’ arrest by S.L. officer

SALT LAKE CITY — Alex Wubbels said she couldn’t believe what was happening. “This is crazy. This is crazy. Why is he so angry?” she is heard on body camera video, nearly in tears, as she is being arrested by Salt Lake police detective Jeff Payne. Wubbels was working her shift as a charge nurse, Read more »

Bronx pastor almost arrested after buying Apple laptop off Amazon that had company’s sensitive software on it: lawsuit

Source:  NyDailyNews.com/Victoria Bekiempis He bought a bad Apple. Bronx pastor Tyrone Holmes thought he’d purchased a new MacBook on Amazon, but instead, he was sent a laptop that previously belonged to a secretive oil pump company. The company asked the NYPD to get the computer back, and the police warned he would be placed under Read more »

Chicago schools adding police torture topic to curriculum

Source:  AP/Don Babwin CHICAGO — A police brutality scandal that remains one of the most shameful episodes in the history of Chicago and continues to haunt the city decades after it ended is about to become a topic taught to every student in the nation’s third largest school district. On Monday, the Chicago Public Schools Read more »

Court Rules Pointing Your Finger at a Cop is Illegal—Not Protected by 1st Amendment

Source:  the Free Thought Project/Justin Gardner In Police State USA, the way you position your hand in a certain fashion around police officers can and will result in you being kidnapped and caged. According to a recent ruling by a Florida court if you point your finger at a cop and that cop thinks it Read more »

Two Ex-Florida Prison Guards, Both KKK Members, Found Guilty in Murder Plot of Black Inmate

Source:  AP LAKE CITY, Fla. — Two former Florida prison guards who were members of the Ku Klux Klan have been convicted of plotting to kill a black inmate after his release. A Columbia County jury found David Elliot Moran, 49, and Charles Thomas Newcomb, 45, guilty of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, Attorney General Read more »

Trump Wants to Make America Great Again: But Great Like When?

Three historians weigh in on where in America’s past President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans might take us. #MAGA is a time machine with several stops. Take our guided tour. Source:  Moyers & Company Emblazoned on his red baseball caps and bumper stickers, Donald Trump’s campaign slogan — Make America Great Again — captured something Read more »

Charlottesville Police Inaction: Part of a Nationwide Development

Source:  Who.What.Why.org/Peter Dale Scott  “Originally published at WhoWhatWhy.org” In the major moral crisis growing out of Charlottesville, a lot of attention has been paid to Trump’s lack of leadership. But the whole nation has a stake in a related matter, the inaction of the local police. The Charlottesville Police Department was not caught unawares. It Read more »

Horrifying Dash Cam Shows Cops Strip Woman Naked & Rape Her on the Roadside

Disturbing images from dash cam footage shows cops strip a college student nude and publicly rape her on the roadside in search of a plant. Source:  The Free Thought Project/Matt Agorist August 12, 2017 Houston, TX-On Friday, TFTP reported that the officers responsible for the public rape of an innocent woman on the side of Read more »

Police departments across the country are acquiring ice cream ‘propaganda’ trucks

Source:  massprivatei.blogspot.com Police departments across the country are acquiring ice cream ‘propaganda’ trucks to change their images. Why do I call them ice cream ‘propaganda’ trucks? The definition of propaganda according to Dictionary.com and the Cambridge Dictionary says it all… Police ice cream trucks are “official government communication to the public that are designed to influence public opinion.” One has Read more »

ice Are Killing Citizens at Highest Rate Ever While Govt and Media Ignore It

Police have killed an average of over 3 people per day in 2017, and the numbers will only increase under the rhetoric used by the Trump Administration Source:  The Free Thought Project/Rachel Blevins Police in the United States are breaking records in 2017 by killing a record number of the same people they claim to Read more »