Israel’s Giving ISIS An Air Force

Source:  American Herald Tribune An aspect of the conflict in Syria that has not received the attention it undoubtedly deserves, has been the role of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) in acting as the de facto air force of Daesh [ISIS] and sundry other Salafi-jihadi and rebel groups fighting in the country. Evidence of the Read more »

U.S. Airstrikes Are Wiping Out Entire Families in Yemen and Syria

Source: Antimedia/Darius Shahtahmasebi   The United States is killing entire families in Raqqa, Syria, and enabling Saudi Arabia to do the same in Yemen. In June of this year, the U.S. led a campaign to retake the city of Raqqa from ISIS fighters while the Russian and Syrian militaries were also attempting to do the same thing. Read more »

Media Silent as Saudi Arabia Does to Itself What Assad Was Accused of Doing in Syria

Source:  AntiMedia/ Darius Shahtahmasebi The Western world was outraged when Syrian troops allegedly opened fire on anti-regime protesters in 2011, aggression that arguably provided the ignition to kick start the years-long Syrian conflict. To some extent, the world also watched in horror as the Syrian and Russian militaries pounded Aleppo into the ground last year while the media routinely Read more »

Over 50 Air Raids on Yemen in 24 Hours by Saudi Arabia

According to AntiMedia, Saudi Arabia has conducted over 50 airstrikes on various Yemeni provinces in just 24 hours. 35 airstrikes were carried out in the province of Marib.  14 strikes hit different districts of Hajjah province including Midi and Herad.  They also carried out three raids in both Taiz and Sa’ada provinces. Saudi warplanes were Read more »