Trump Wants to Make America Great Again: But Great Like When?

Three historians weigh in on where in America’s past President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans might take us. #MAGA is a time machine with several stops. Take our guided tour. Source:  Moyers & Company Emblazoned on his red baseball caps and bumper stickers, Donald Trump’s campaign slogan — Make America Great Again — captured something Read more »


Source:  Who. Cranor On August 14, in Durham NC, something strange happened that does not make sense to me. A protester climbed up on the statue of a Confederate soldier, tied a rope around his neck, gave a signal, and her fellow activists pulled until the statue came crashing down. Then several others converged on the Read more »

Here’s Where Massive Alt-Right Rallies Are Planned Across the Country This Weekend

Sources:  The Organic Prepper (Updated) Just in case the horrifying events in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend weren’t enough of a warning about the dangers of political extremism, it looks like we’re gearing up for an idealogic civil war across the country, complete with violence and death. This weekend, massive Alt-Right rallies are scheduled across the nation Read more »

Ahead of Charlottesville, Trump Cut Funds for Group Fighting White Supremacy

Top aide Katharine Gorka worked to revoke a federal grant for a non-profit that reforms racist extremists Source:  Common Dreams/Jessica Corbett   A few weeks before Heather Heyer was murdered and many others were injured after a coalition of hate groups gathered violently in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Trump administration—under guidance from trusted aides such as Katharine Gorka—revoked a $400,000 federal Read more »

Trump Family Launches Hilarious State-Run Propaganda News Network “Trump TV”

Source:  Activist Post/Aaron Kesel In a world of fake news and alternative facts it can be hard to get the “truth,” so U.S. President Donald Trump has quietly launched his own ‘propaganda’ news network in a move straight out of George Orwell’s dystopian society 1984, a Ministry of Truth. In Orwell’s novel, the Ministry of Truth’s purpose Read more »

The Jagged Truth: Nazis Are Nazis

Source:  Common Dreams/Abby Zimet In the vile wake of Charlottesville – of those sweaty young white men, their absurd tiki torches glowing and their pasty faces contorted, screaming “Jews Will Not Replace Us!” “Fuck You Faggots!” and the infamous Nazi “Blood and Soil!” – what to say? Some in officialdom sought to rise to the Read more »

Waiting for a Grown-Up in the White House

Donald Trump is turning the presidency into a day care center for his troubled inner child. Source:  Bill Winship This presidency is unconstitutional. The Constitution says you have to be at least 35 to serve in our highest office and our incumbent tantrum-in-a-suit is emotionally 6 years old. Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump held a Read more »

White Supremacy in the Age of Trump

Never forget that this country has a long history of upper-class whites using racism to their advantage. Source:  Moyers & Company/Keri Leigh Merritt Since before the election, poor white voters largely have been blamed for the rise of Donald Trump. Although their complicity in his election is clear and well established, they’re continually targeted as Read more »

Senators Confront Betsy Devos over Right Wing Views

Thirty Democratic senators demanded in a letter to Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, the Department of Education must stop its misguided efforts to roll back civil rights protections. “We are extraordinarily disappointed and alarmed by recent actions you and your staff have taken, that have diminished the U.S. Department of Education’s enforcement of federal civil Read more »

Militia Members were Helping the Cops in Portland Alt-Right Rally

The Centrist Report

According to The Intercept, at an alt-right rally in Portland, Oregon last weekend, fourteen people were arrested.  Following the death of the two men and the wounding of another, top Republicans wanted to use militia groups as security. Well, guess what?  They did just that! Todd Kelsay helped in the arrests over the weekend.  He Read more »