Trump Plans to Roll Back Civil Rights


President Trump and his administration are planning to disband the agency that has policed discrimination among federal contractors, for four decades, the Labor Department.  According to the White House’s new budget, this is part of a plan to curtail government programs that promote civil rights.  The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, the employer of 600 employees, would be merged into another government agency, as outlined in the Labor’s fiscal 2018 plan.  The dismantling of the office comes at a time when the trump administration is looking to reduce the role of government in fighting discrimination, protecting minorities, and the appointing of unsympathetic officials.

Another agency that will suffer under the Trump administration is the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights, which has investigated thousands of complaints of discrimination in school districts across the country.  This office would also see significant staffing cuts.  The administration’s officials have acknowledged that the civil rights office will have to scale back the number of investigations it conducts and limit travel.

The reduction of efforts of the federal government on civil rights reflects the real agenda of the Trump administration.  Vanita Gupta, the former head of the Justice’s Civil rights Division said, “They can call it a course correction, but there’s little question that it’s a rollback of civil rights across the board. “


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