Two Native American Men in Washington run over by White man


In Portland, Oregon two people were killed and a third injured when they defended two women on a train, against a white supremacist.  In Washington State, a Native American man (Quinault Indian Nation) was killed and another hospitalized after they were run over by a white man in a monster truck yelling racial slurs.

James “Jimmy” Kramer of Taholah and Harvey Anderson of Aberdeen, were the victims of a Caucasian man driving a truck described by witnesses as a Chevy truck, with large tires.  The driver of the vehicle was doing donuts at a camp site when campers at the site attempted to get the driver to stop.  The driver screamed racial slurs and war whoops when he ran over the two tribal members.

The police are actively investigating the crime, and have arrested a 31-year old James D. Walker, and charged him with second-degree murder.  It seems that Memorial Day weekend was filled with hate crimes perpetrated against people of color, Jews, Muslims Asians, and LGBT persons.


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