US Government Armed Isis says Declassified Documents-Claimed Weapons were Lost


According to The Free Thought Project, an audit from the Department of Defense revealed the Pentagon could not account for over $1B in weapons and equipment meant for fighters in Iraq.

Question:  Did ISIS acquire the $1B in weapons and equipment?

After Amnesty International filed a Freedom of Information Act request a 2016 DOD audit was declassified.  It revealed the Pentagon did not have accurate, up-to-date records on the majority of the equipment.   Where did the missing equipment come from?  The equipment came from a $1.6B budget Congress allocated for the program in 2015.  Note:  a report from Amnesty International in December 2015 claimed that ISIS had an extensive arsenal consisting of the same U.S. made weapons that were intended for its opposition, the Iraqi Army.

The report from Amnesty International appeared to cast the blame on the Iraqi Armed forces.  However, Michel Chossudovsky from the Center for Global Research noted that the Pentagon had been intentionally channeling weapons “to Jihadist armed groups as part of carefully designed military agenda with a view to destabilizing Iraq as a nation state.”

“Amply documented, the ISIS and other terror groups have been receiving weapons from both the US and its allies including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar,” Chossudovsky wrote. “And a significant part of the $1.6 billion has been used to finance weapons shipments to the ISIS, both directly as well as indirectly through third parties.”


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