Yemen Cholera Death Toll 180


More than 10,000 people in Yemen are sick with Cholera.  The outbreak has killed 180 people in two weeks.  Since the end of April, the disease has spread very quickly; Cholera if left untreated can be fatal within hours.  Authorities have declared a state of emergency in the Capital Sanaa.

The war in Yemen has destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure, and reportedly only 45% of the nation’s hospitals are fully functioning, and the flow of “essential medicines” has fallen by almost 70%.  The understaffed hospitals have said they are struggling to cope with the high number of cases, and are receiving 150 to 200 new cases per day, at Sabaeen Hospital.

Sanaa has been the worst hit with the epidemic. However, the surrounding province of Amanat al-Semah, Hodeidah, Taiz, and Aden has also been affected, according to the WHO.


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